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NeoGraft vs. ARTAS Hair Transplants

ARTAS and NeoGraft are two leading options for hair transplantation utilizing advanced Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) techniques. FUE involves harvesting naturally occurring groupings of 1-4 hairs from a donor area on the scalp and transplanting them to thinning or bald areas. Both ARTAS and NeoGraft employ FUE for minimally invasive hair restoration. These technologies help streamline and enhance the FUE process for more efficient hair graft extraction.

While the two systems share similarities, they have distinct differences when it comes to their methods. ARTAS incorporates sophisticated robotic automation while NeoGraft relies on the skills of the surgeon.


NeoGraft vs. ARTAS Hair Transplants: what's the best choice?

Comparing the ARTAS Robotic Restoration System to NeoGraft

The NeoGraft and ARTAS systems take slightly different approaches to FUE hair transplantation, each with its own advantages. Both technologies streamline and enhance the FUE process for more efficient hair graft extraction. Your hair is important, and you should be able to make an informed decision on what transplantation method is right for you.

Extraction Method

NeoGraft utilizes a sharp punch method to rapidly extract follicular units from the scalp. This automated mechanical punch separates each graft quickly but can potentially cause more trauma to the delicate follicles. ARTAS uses a gentler blunt dissection technique for extraction, scoring the upper skin and then dissecting out each unit with minimal damage. ARTAS prioritizes graft quality over speed.

Harvesting Process

In a NeoGraft procedure, the surgeon relies solely on their manual skills and expertise to carefully identify optimal follicular units and extract each one using the handheld device. The harvesting is performed manually based on the surgeon’s assessment. ARTAS, on the other hand, uses integrated imaging, mapping and artificial intelligence to analyze the scalp and strategically plan out the entire extraction pattern. This high-tech approach allows hair to be harvested in a controlled, methodical way by the robotic arm.


While NeoGraft incorporates some automated features like computerized pneumatic controls, hydration of grafts and suction transfer, the extraction and implantation remain manual procedures dependent on the surgeon's techniques. In contrast, ARTAS offers complete automation of 3D imaging the scalp, graft harvesting and transplantation through its sophisticated robotic platform, eliminating human error and fatigue while providing optimal results.

Hair Types

One advantage NeoGraft holds is the ability for an experienced surgeon to transplant all hair colors and textures by manually identifying any type of viable follicular unit. Because ARTAS relies on imaging systems and pattern recognition, it is particularly adept at extracting dark, straight hair. However, it is still capable of detecting and extracting lighter hair by simply dying the hair prior to the procedure.

Recipient Sites

Skilled NeoGraft surgeons have the flexibility to determine recipient sites for transplanted hair grafts based on their assessment of the patient’s goals and optimal aesthetic outcome. They can place the manually extracted follicular units into any appropriate location. With ARTAS, the robot is confined to extracting donor hair solely from the back of the head region. However, an experienced technician will then implant the harvested grafts into the ideal recipient locations.


The NeoGraft system presents a more affordable hair transplantation option compared to the high-tech ARTAS robotic platform. While still a significant investment, NeoGraft provides a cost-effective manually operated FUE alternative to ARTAS. Though the advanced proprietary technology incorporated into the ARTAS system comes at a higher base price, ARTAS consistently delivers predictable, natural-looking results and unparalleled accuracy due to its AI-driven robotics. The long-term benefits of the ARTAS system often outweigh the costs.

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