Hair loss treatments in Green Bay, WI

Hair Loss Treatments for Green Bay, WI Patients

Dermatology & Cosmetic Physicians (DCP) makes hair loss treatments for men and women effective and accessible for Green Bay, WI patients. We understand hair loss has a profound impact on one's self-esteem and quality of life. Dr. Steffes is dedicated to providing comprehensive and personalized solutions to address your unique hair loss concerns. We offer both surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatments for men and women. We are committed to helping you regain your confidence and enjoy fuller, healthier hair. Request a consultation to find the right hair loss treatment for you!

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Why Choose DCP for Hair Loss Treatments?
We offer tailored solutions to achieve full, natural-looking results
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Green Bay Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Supplements

Our hair support supplements are specially formulated to help minimize hair loss and provide essential nutrients for promoting hair growth from within.

Hair Supplements


ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant

Experience precision and natural-looking results with the ARTAS robotic hair transplant system. The procedure utilizes advanced robotics to harvest and transplant hair follicles, ensuring minimal scarring and a faster recovery.

ARTAS Treatments


Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections

Harnessing the power of your body's own platelets, our plasma injections stimulate your hair follicles to encourage growth and improve hair density for a revitalized appearance.

Plasma Injections


Medical Therapy

Our medical therapy options include FDA-approved topical solutions and oral medications tailored to address the underlying causes of your hair loss to effectively slow hair loss progression and promote regrowth.

Medical Therapy Treatments


Choose DCP for Hair Re-Growth in Green Bay, WI

Dr. Steffes tailors hair loss treatment plans according to your unique needs and aspirations. He ensures a personalized journey right from the start, guiding you through every step and addressing all questions you might have. Choosing DCP means embracing the unparalleled hair loss restoration and customer satisfaction that sets us apart from our competition. Our customer testimonials speak to the top level of service we will provide for you.

Why DCP?

Financing for Hair Loss Treatments

Dermatology & Cosmetic Physicians offers financing for hair loss treatments through Care Credit. Financing can cover up to 100% of your treatment cost, with flexible repayment terms ranging from 6 to 60 months. Apply for Care Credit online through a quick and easy application form.